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My workshops are designed to help you feel the energy shift and gain valuable knowledge in only three hours, which makes them convenient for our busy schedules.

Energy Healing Made Easy

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Did you know that you are an energy being? Yes you are, and not only you, but everything around you is also made of energy (Prana)? Do you wish to learn in an easy way how to use Energy for a better life? Join me in a 3 hours workshop, that will teach you how can energy change your life. 
Covered in this workshop:

- Introduction to the energy body; aura and chakras, and how chakras affect our lives.
- Aura cleansing.
- Chakra cleansing.
- Chakra balancing.
- Healing with Divine white light.
- Healing relationships with love energy.
- The ball of violet light technique to heal emotional obstacles.
- Using your body as a pendulum.
- Self protection from negative energies.
- The healing power of meditation.

Heal your Inner Child Online Workshop 


We all went through difficult situations in our childhood. We all have been subject to different levels of psychological, verbal, or physical abuse by a parent, a teacher, a care giver, a school or club bully, or even a complete stranger. And whether we remeber those incidents or not, we grew up carrying the scars they left inside of us, claiming that it's ok, and that everyone had her share of bad experiences; "it toughened us and made us who we are" we say. 

In deed, we are the final product of our experiences, but what if those scars were behind many of our adulthood emotional issues, our limitations and many of our physical discomforts? Sadly they are, and if they are not addressed properly and healed, their negative effect keeps persisting, stopping us from living the peaceful healthy life we deserve. 

Join Lamia Samir in a one day workshop and meditation that will help you connect with your inner child, help her acknowledge the inner damage, express it, release it, forgive the cause, and heal from within. 

The techniques you will learn in this 3 hours workshop are so simple, yet so powerful, and you can always use later on your own.

How To Connect With Your Angels

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Repeated upon request for those who missed it.

maximum number of attendees is 12.
A workshop designed to help ONLY those who already believe in the role of Angels in our lives and want to strengthen their connection with them.
Angels are known as the messengers of God. You have an angel watching over you, and they want you to have a personal relationship with them. Angels can help you in all areas of life, from the trivial to the significant. But in order to receive their help, you must ask first. Because we have free will, angels do not want to interfere with us unless they are given permission to do so. You have to open yourself up to conversations with angels and allow them into your heart. Only then can you receive the benefits of their guidance.
In this 3 hours workshop you will learn:
What are the signs from your Angels you need to look for.

What chakras allow you to connect with your Angles, and how to clear them and activate them for a better connection.

A powerful meditation that will help you be more aware and sensitive to the messages from your Angels.

The main four Archangels and how can they help you.

How to connect with the “beings” of Abundance.

How to use Angels Cards.

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