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Hey lovely Souls, I am


Welcome home, I have been waiting for you.

Revive your life 

Your life is meant to be peaceful, exciting, joyful and full of curiosity about yourself and the world. 

Unfortunately as adults, we often lose connection with our true essence, and we settle into an exhausting routine to maintain our material world and we forget about the inner world, the one that matters the most for all the balance and happiness it can bring to every aspect of our lives. 

I’m here to help you tap into that world to bring back your joy and enthusiasm – to revive your life – to help your true spirit shine!

About me

I'm Lamia, a certified Akashic "Soul" reading practitioner, meditation instructor,  certified energy & crystals healer, and quantum touch practitioner. 

I started my holistic journey in 2013, and this dramatically changed my life. Since then,
I have been passionately dedicating my knowledge and energy to help others find their inner peace and reach higher levels of spiritual growth. 

Contact me to start your healing journey towards true happiness, balance and abundance.

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